Get Your Drywall Fixed in a Jif

Set up a drywall repair service in West Pawlet, VT

You don't have to cover up damaged drywall with a picture or piece of furniture. Instead, you can turn to the drywall repair experts at Lewis Drywall in West Pawlet, VT. Our drywall repair service will take care of any type of damage and help protect the integrity of your drywall.

From fixing a hole in drywall to repairing water damage, our team can do it all. Call 802-394-2456 to get a free estimate today.

3 common signs you need drywall repair

3 common signs you need drywall repair

Drywall repair entails more than just fixing a hole in drywall. There are a lot of other signs of damage to your drywall that when spotted, are crucial to have repaired. Call us if you notice:

  1. Damp or discolored spots on your drywall
  2. Holes or cracks on your drywall
  3. Poorly manufactured or installed drywall

We'll set you up with a drywall repair service and fix the problem as soon as possible.